Our Expertise

Full-service solution

We understand that delivering medicines to patients with life-threatening diseases is crucial for our partners and patients alike.

We have capabilities to provide all the services necessary for the orphan medicines to reach the patients in need, replacing local branches of global distributors or multinational companies.

Focus on complex and often overlooked countries

We focus on regions of the world that are complex and often overlooked, but provide both, a pool of patients in need and potential funding opportunities for rare and specialized diseases.

Deep understanding of local healthcare systems

We have extensive local knowledge, focusing on full-service solutions for partners in our defined geographies, all the while maintaining the strictest of ethical & compliance operations matching that of our partners.

With deep understanding of local healthcare systems, we can support our partners to expand throughout the WODA regions.

Being locally present and native speakers, we are able to communicate directly and effectively with key stakeholders in all countries covered by WODA.

Benefits of cooperating with WODA:

  • Focus on the selected orphan drug, no distractions from other products
  • Strong capabilities to fully replace multinational subsidiaries or local branches of global distributors for orphan medicines
  • Local knowledge & presence, strong relationships with local stakeholders
  • Flexible approach, tailored to partner’s needs and commercialization objectives
  • Single point of contact for all territories
  • Global consultancy for market access, pricing, portfolio design and launch strategy


We offer a single entry point for our partners with orphan portfolios in ANZSEA, CEE, LATAM, MENAT, China, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta, Russia and CIS, and Switzerland.

Together we can achieve more.

With deep understanding of local healthcare systems, we can support our partners to expand their business throughout the complex WODA regions.

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