Market Access & Pricing

  • Building a comprehensive local access strategy.
  • Negotiating better pricing and reimbursement terms.
  • Ensuring accelerated approval and maintaining effective pricing and reimbursement solutions.
  • Effectively communicating compelling value to stakeholders.
  • Aligning the global value dossier with country-specific submission documents.

Marketing and Sales

  • Ensuring the highest reach to both prescribers and patients in need.
  • Existing teams or newly developed teams can be used to quickly and effectively build demand.
  • Leveraging traditional and digital channels to continuously improve the ROI of promotional efforts while expanding customer reach.

Medical Affairs

  • Medical Affairs is the most critical component of our Rare/Specialty business model, and a true differentiator in our offering.
  • Whether in the Named Patient model or full commercialization, a large component of our work revolves around HCP education, both on diseases that are generally unknown as well as the products that can help to treat these diseases.
  • Our teams of medical directors, medical managers and medical science liaisons are the front-line works of our business, matching patient to disease.

Regulatory Affairs

  • With our in-depth knowledge of local regulatory processes and interactions with local health authorities, we ensure the fastest availability of medicines for every patient in need.
  • We have the expertise to support the import of both registered and unregistered medicines.


  • Providing all elements required for compliant and effective product vigilance to guarantee patient safety.
  • Ensuring continued compliance by effectively managing existing and future regulatory requirements.
  • Our reputation and track record have been confirmed through numerous audits and inspections.

Supply Chain

  • Good Distribution & Storage Practices are strictly followed.
  • Through extensive distribution network we ensure rapid delivery¬†with the highest quality standards and according to the specified conditions, as evidenced by stability data.
  • We understand that delivering medicines to patients with life-threatening diseases is critical for our partners and patients alike.

Quality Assurance

  • Providing quality services that meet the needs and requirements of our partners.
  • Acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards.
  • Monitoring and continually improving quality management systems in accordance with legal requirements, product safety, and occupational safety and health.


We offer a single entry point for our partners with orphan portfolios in ANZSEA, CEE, LATAM, MENAT, China, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta, Russia and CIS, and Switzerland.

Together we can achieve more.

With deep understanding of local healthcare systems, we can support our partners to expand their business throughout the complex WODA regions.

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